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Table 10.3 Summary of Onset and Recurrence of Post-Traumatic Seizures

Feature Reference
20 – 30 % of patients with early PTS experience a late seizure. (Yablon & Dostrow, 2001)
Seizure onset after the first week is associated with a much higher likelihood of seizure recurrence. (Haltiner et al., 1997; Walker & Yablon, 1961)
Seizure frequency within the first year post injury may predict future seizure recurrence. (Salazar et al., 1985)
Persistent PTS may be seen more commonly with partial seizures and less commonly with generalized seizures. (Salazar et al., 1985)
A seizure occurring within a few minutes of a head injury has not been found to increase the risk of recurrence in individuals who sustain a mild TBI. (Jennett B, 1975; McCrory et al., 1997)
A small number of patients experience frequent seizure recurrences, apparently refractory to conventional anti-seizure therapy. (Haltiner et al., 1997; Pohlmann-Eden & Bruckmeir, 1997)
Some patients may benefit from surgical intervention. (Diaz-Arrastia et al., 2000; Marks et al., 1995)