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What’s New

ERABI Clinical Guidebook Just Launched!!!

The first chapters of the new ERABI Clinical Guidebook are finally here! Check them out under the GUIDEBOOK tab to see the latest rehabilitation research evidence, clinical algorithms, case studies, and more on topics in Cognition, Dysphagia, and...

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Pediatric Special Topics

Check out the new Special Topics in Module 14: Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury, such as Vestibular Recovery, Post-Traumatic Seizures, and Shaken-Baby Syndrome.

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Malnutrition Post-ABI

With the incidence of malnutrition high following ABI, go to Section 5.7 in Dysphagia, Aspiration, and Nutritional Interventions (Module 5) to access the latest rehabilitation evidence on routes and timing of nutrition and hypermetabolism post-ABI

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Scientist of the Year Award

Dr. Robert Teasell, the principle investigator for ERABI, was awarded the Scientist of the Year Award by the Lawson Health Research Institute for his work in rehabilitation research evidence.

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Version 12 of ERABI

Version 12 of ERABI includes multiple new special topics sections in Module 14: Pediatric Interventions, which examine the shaken baby syndrome, vestibular dysfunction, and post-traumatic seizures.

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